Weingut Peter Jakob Kühn

The estate’s current constellation reflects a tremendous amount of hard labor by Peter Jakob and Angela Kühn.


Weingut Peter Jakob Kühn


Mühlstraße 70
65375 Oestrich-Winkel


+49 0 672 322 99
+49 0 672 387 788


Nach Absprache

When they assumed control of the family operation in the 1970s, their first step — not by choice — was to find a new location. They ended up building their new winery on the outskirts of town. Since then, they have continued to improve and develop the quality of the wines. The team has expanded with time to include son Peter Bernhard and daughters Sandra and Kathrin. Their tight, inspired collaboration is what drives the estate’s biodynamic approach, for which it received official Demeter certification in 2004. The challenges large and small of organic and biodynamic viticulture are at the heart of the estate’s future as well.