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Martin Z. Schröder ist Schriftsetzer und Drucker. Seine Berliner druckerey produziert feine Druckerzeugnisse für Hochzeiten, Geburtsanzeigen sowie Briefpapier.

Iron presses print the sentence in the finest paper. Because the paper refines the print, Schröder has a large selection of more than one hundred types of fine paper. The genuine lead type with its only slight shading and the embossing of metal plates, which sink deep into the cotton cardboard, provide the viewer with an almost sensual pleasure. The typography, perfected through years of experience, gives all works a special expression. In 2013, Martin Z. Schröder received the European Design Award for the design of the weekend supplement of the Süddeutsche Zeitung of March 10, 2012; this work also received a German Design Award in February 2015.