Clearaudio electronic

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Die Erlanger Manufaktur „clearaudio electronic“ weiß, Musik bedarf hochwertiger mechanischer Instrumente, um feine Klänge und Nuancen originalgetreu ans Ohr des Hörers zu transportieren.

That’s why the manufacturer has been producing high-end solutions that perfect music reproduction in German laboratories and factories for more than 35 years. From first-class turntables, cartridges, tonearms and playback electronics to machines for cleaning vinyl and an exquisite record collection, the manufactory is dedicated to the record. She sees these as valuable documents and important cultural contemporary witnesses – but above all: as media that are more than convincing thanks to their sound quality, even in the digital age. Highly specialized employees, first-class material quality in skilful processing, uncompromisingly accurate construction and holistic production technology determine the fine work of the manufactory.

The developer Peter Suchy founded the manufactory „clearaudio electronic“ in Erlangen, Bavaria, out of a passion for music. The manufactory gained worldwide fame with its first steps in 1978: The patented fully symmetrical pickup with boron cantilever was a pioneering achievement that is still the standard for many manufacturers worldwide.

The construction of their first own turntables soon followed. In 2005, the second generation took over the management, which since then has steadily expanded the manufactory with its own LP recordings and the development and production of drives. The family business sells in over 80 countries worldwide. The aim and motivation of the manufacturer is to continue to combine traditional, analog vinyl with state-of-the-art playback technologies to create unique sound experiences in the future.